The (Odd?) Reason I Want To Fly Mexico’s Interjet


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Mexico has grown very nicely lately as an aviation market, and in particular we’ve seen Interjet and Volaris grow and make air travel in Mexico more accessible.

While I haven’t flown either airline, I’ve in particular heard good things about Interjet. They basically seem to be Mexico’s version of JetBlue, with an all-economy layout that has seats featuring 34″ of pitch, which is industry leading.

As an aviation geek I recently learned something about the airline that I wasn’t aware of, that now really makes me want to fly with them. While I had never looked too much into the airline, I had assumed that they exclusively operate a fleet of Airbus A320 family aircraft. At least those are the only Interjet planes I ever recall seeing at airports.

But as it turns out, they have another aircraft type. A really interesting aircraft type, no less.

Interjet also has a fleet of Sukhoi Superjets, which are Russian-built jets that are pretty rare. Only a handful of airlines have ever ordered this plane. The biggest customer for the plane is Aeroflot, while the second biggest customer is… Interjet!

The airline apparently has about 20 Superjets in their fleet, though based on looking at the flight history for these planes, it doesn’t look like all of them are flying.

Now, I’m not sure there’s actually anything that exciting about this plane. The plane has just under 100 seats and is in a 2-3 configuration, so in many ways it looks similar to the popular Bombardier CSeries aircraft (now known as the Airbus A220).

Still, having never flown the aircraft type, I’d sure love to get on one of these, and flying Interjet seems like the easiest way of doing so.

While Interjet serves several destinations in the US, best I can tell they don’t actually fly the Sukhoi Superjet to the US. Rather they’re used primarily for flights within Mexico.

Has anyone flown Interjet, or the Sukhoi Superjet? What was your experience like? Anyone know the history of how Interjet came to order this plane?